Fatal error with Qemu and Windows 2000.

I was using Windows 2000 inside Qemu to test some .NET samples and it hanged all my computer. I don't know what happended because other times it worked very good. The worst is that when I restarted my system and tried to run Widnows again, it doesn't worked. I tried to repair it with the install CD but I couldn't. Now I'm reinstalling all (windows, .NET and Visual C#) and it's a lot of wasted time :(. From now I'll use "-snapshot" option in Qemu to prevent the changes in the main image file (can still commit changes using Qemu console).

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Finshed to install Visual C# 2005 Express Edition Beta

At the end, Windows 2000 Professional inside Qemu Virtual Machine works. I needed half a day but now I've finished the installation of Windows 2000, .NET SDK 2.0 Beta 2 and Visual C# 2005 Express Edition Beta. I needed all of these things because I need to test DataGridView for the MONO implementation. Today I'll start to take notes of the work with the control I'm implementing and tomorrow I'll start to exec that control in MONO with the mimimum implementation to get an impresssion of what methods/properties/events should I implement first.

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