Spanish Computer Engineering is becoming Nothing

The government of my country has decided that Computer Engineers are useless because computing is a cross discipline and all the other careers should adopt it so it has removed Computer Engineering from the official degrees of Spain.

This issue is going to bring big consecuencies to the professionals that currently own a degree because they will never be recognized as "computing professionals" and everyone can be contracted for do that. Also, a frustration comes to my head when I think a future without a common and centralized degree of Computer Science... Spain is going to be a brain importation country.

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Government Reinvests in Free Open Source Software

This afternoon, I was thinking about the last big bug in Linux kernel and the potential damage in dozens of shared and virtual servers. It makes me think about a loss in Linux reputation, because people likes to blame without thiking in the profit they obtain from using Linux as their main operating system. Then, I thoguht that a Linux Virtual Server is cheaper than other solutions because the operating system is free... then I thought of the following chain:

GNU/Linux is free --> Enterprises reduce their costs and their prices --> People pay less for the same thing --> People should pay a bit for powering Free Open Source Software.

When talking about a lot of people paying a bit, a government can be put in the middle. People pay taxes for developing their society. Governments should pay for developing Free Open Source Software. A piece (a little percent) of government budget should be addressed to some foundations for impulsing that kind of developments. It will be good for all people.

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