Today I thought in Gtk# and .NET/Mono integration. I think that Gtk# should be more integrated with .NET getting out Glib dependecies and making Gtk# control compatible with .NET control. Controls in Gtk# should implement, at least, IComponent and derive from Component (not from GLib.Object). I don't know the impact to Gtk# architecture and I don't know how hard it could be but there are a lot of new features that we can obtain. Using Glib is not necessary becuse all glib services are inside .NET/Mono.

This changes can make Gtk# a bit different for Gtk+ developers but it's not much more different than the actual Gtk# and in the other hand we have a very simple way to use it. For example, a Gtk# TreeView has its Model and I think that model could be a DataTable, an ArrayList, or other class. We should provide only a Tree implementation iside Mono or using SWF TreeView logic.

Other thought was to be able to use Gtk# widgets inside SWF application and SWF controls inside a Gtk# application. Gtk.DotNet is started and it can be the way to get this feature in Gtk#. It could be very useful for developers and for the evolution of the free GUI toolkits in .NET/Mono.