Finally I could finish my new web site. I decided to build it around my weblog because it will be much more active and beautiful. Also I've added other pages about my public life. Actually the result doesn't differ from a wordpress installation but I liked static pages and to do things by myself.

I've included an incomplete page of projects where I will expose what is going in my mind that eats my spare time. Also, I've got a page of services to offer my professional services. At the end, I've aded a page with all information I could remember about my "public" life.

To build the site I've made a simple Python script that reads some files from a folder and applies templates to them. The content is mainly managed in two folders, "pages" and "posts". The "posts" folder has one file for each post with information about it. The script reads thouse files and generates a lot of HTML pages with a post-list template and a page template. This is also done to the files inside "pages", but without post-list template. I needed an script like it for a long time, and I've started twice, but I hadn't spare time to finish it.

For the comments of the posts I've borrowed Miguel de Icaza's idea of using "Disqus". They hosts all my comments and it's very easy an quick to embed in any page.

Among other things that I will add in the future, I've included my Twitter status in the right panel.

I hope to frequently make posts to this new site.