This afternoon, I was thinking about the last big bug in Linux kernel and the potential damage in dozens of shared and virtual servers. It makes me think about a loss in Linux reputation, because people likes to blame without thiking in the profit they obtain from using Linux as their main operating system. Then, I thoguht that a Linux Virtual Server is cheaper than other solutions because the operating system is free... then I thought of the following chain:

GNU/Linux is free --> Enterprises reduce their costs and their prices --> People pay less for the same thing --> People should pay a bit for powering Free Open Source Software.

When talking about a lot of people paying a bit, a government can be put in the middle. People pay taxes for developing their society. Governments should pay for developing Free Open Source Software. A piece (a little percent) of government budget should be addressed to some foundations for impulsing that kind of developments. It will be good for all people.