Fatal error with Qemu and Windows 2000.

I was using Windows 2000 inside Qemu to test some .NET samples and it hanged all my computer. I don't know what happended because other times it worked very good. The worst is that when I restarted my system and tried to run Widnows again, it doesn't worked. I tried to repair it with the install CD but I couldn't. Now I'm reinstalling all (windows, .NET and Visual C#) and it's a lot of wasted time :(. From now I'll use "-snapshot" option in Qemu to prevent the changes in the main image file (can still commit changes using Qemu console).

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Gtk# and System.Windows.Forms architecture.

Today I thought in Gtk# and .NET/Mono integration. I think that Gtk# should be more integrated with .NET getting out Glib dependecies and making Gtk# control compatible with .NET control. Controls in Gtk# should implement, at least, IComponent and derive from Component (not from GLib.Object). I don't know the impact to Gtk# architecture and I don't know how hard it could be but there are a lot of new features that we can obtain. Using Glib is not necessary becuse all glib services are inside .NET/Mono.

This changes can make Gtk# a bit different for Gtk+ developers but it's not much more different than the actual Gtk# and in the other hand we have a very simple way to use it. For example, a Gtk# TreeView has its Model and I think that model could be a DataTable, an ArrayList, or other class. We should provide only a Tree implementation iside Mono or using SWF TreeView logic.

Other thought was to be able to use Gtk# widgets inside SWF application and SWF controls inside a Gtk# application. Gtk.DotNet is started and it can be the way to get this feature in Gtk#. It could be very useful for developers and for the evolution of the free GUI toolkits in .NET/Mono.

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Foto de satélite de las torres gemelas.

Mirando hoy en barrapunto he visto una pequeña nota acerca de la diferencia entre Google Maps y Microsoft Virtual Earth. En esta nota se veía un enlace directo a la foto de las torres gemelas. Esto deja claro que las fotos de Microsoft Virtual Earth no son muy actualizadas, pero es una foto curiosa.

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First Mono's DataGridView screenshots

I've taken a few screenshots to show the status of the first painting implementation of DataGridView. Now it has the basic for run a little modified sample application I saw in MSDN documentation.

This week I have written a few nunit tests for ensure some of the members implemented. I started to write the painting feature of the DataGridView and here are the screenshots of the same application either in windows with .NET 2.0 Beta 2 and in Linux with Mono 1.1.8/2.0 preview.

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All main classes definitions written.

I have finished to write the main classes (only interface, they don't work yet). The code has 5278 lines and I think that the hardest work is arriving.

I think that the next week I can get a little painting of a few things from the DataGridView and start to handle a few events from the keyboard and mouse. I love this job...

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First test of DataGridView

Now I can run a test that uses the DataGridView control but it's not painted and no user-interaction. DataGridView is in very early stage but now I have almost all members defined and a lot of them implemented. 3161 lines of code. I think that along this week I can finish the definition of the main classes and start to implement the painting/drawing.

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Finshed to install Visual C# 2005 Express Edition Beta

At the end, Windows 2000 Professional inside Qemu Virtual Machine works. I needed half a day but now I've finished the installation of Windows 2000, .NET SDK 2.0 Beta 2 and Visual C# 2005 Express Edition Beta. I needed all of these things because I need to test DataGridView for the MONO implementation. Today I'll start to take notes of the work with the control I'm implementing and tomorrow I'll start to exec that control in MONO with the mimimum implementation to get an impresssion of what methods/properties/events should I implement first.

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File upload in Mono's XSP

Today I made a page for XSP to upload a file using <input type="file" ....> and I had problems with big files. The problem was in the maximum length allowed for the requests of the HttpRuntime (used by XSP). This value is by default 4096 in mono 1.1.8 but it can be changed in the file "machine.config". I found that settings in Configuration/System.Web/HttpRuntime path.

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The work on Google's Summer of Code begins

I've just finished to install this blog, here is my first post. My main goal is to publish my ideas and projects, in special case the evolution of the work in DataGridView control from System.Windows.Forms 2.0 library.

After 1500 lines of code, the journey only is in the begining. I've written the property definitions for DataGridView and DataGridViewCell and I think that all the classes I need could be defined along this week. When I finish my university exams I'll be dedicated fulltime to this work.

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