About Me

Current situation

Research fellow of Communication and Information Engineering
School of Computer Science
University of Murcia

Education and training


Bachelor of Computer Science
Final mark: B (7.29)
Open University of Catalonia


Network management
UOC Certification
Open University of Catalonia


System administration
UOC Certification
Open University of Catalonia


Advanced object oriented programming
UOC Certification
Open University of Catalonia


Basic programminging
UOC Certification
Open University of Catalonia


Basic informatics
UOC Certification
Open University of Catalonia


Bachelor of Computer Science
Software Techonology Intensification
University of Murcia

Complementary education

18 Jun 2009

International Workshop on ITS Experiences in Europe
University of Murcia

Jul - Aug 2005

Summer of Code 2005
Google Inc.
Mentor: Miguel de Icaza


Typewriting degree
Ferrer Academy


12-14 Jul 2004

Mono Project
University of Murcia

23-24 Apr 2004

MONO: .NET for GNU/Linux
Advanced workshop
I Jornadas de Software Libre
University of Murcia


Mar 2006

Software Libre, Linux y Ubuntu
Magazine article
Eubacteria. N. 17, pages 23-24.
ISSN: 1697-0071


2009 - Now

Project FP00-55, Intelligent Systems and Telematics
University of Murcia
Research fellowship

2007 - Now

Monoboss. Distributed Services Cluster
Degree final project
Mentor: Ph.D. Diego Sevilla Ruiz

2002 - Now

Mono. Cross platform, open source .NET development framework
Novell Inc.
External contributor

Other merits

Jul 2009 - Now

Member of the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM)

2005 - Now

Management and configuration of the network services of the research group E-005-04 of the University of Murcia

2006 - 2007

Environmental volunteer program of the Oficina Verde
University of Murcia

Computer skills and competences

Operating systems

High level of proficiency in Linux system administration, specialized in Debian GNU/Linux.

Basic knowledge of Windows 2003 Server administration.

Servers and networks

Apache, Postfix (email server), PostgreSQL, Cherokee, IIS, MySQL, BIND (DNS server), SAMBA (shared resource server), IPTables (firewalls and bandwith managers with Linux), NIS+NFS and LDAP.

Profound knowledge of network design and deployment.

Programing languages

Python, C#, Bash (scripts), Ruby, JavaScript, Java, SQL (standard), PHP, C for UNIX/Linux, Perl, PL/SQL, TransacSQL, and C++.

Distributed systems

Internet Communication Engine (ICE), .NET Remoting, Web Services (SOAP, WS-*), RMI and CORBA.

Web development

ASP.NET, Django, Castle MonoRail MVC, PHP, Java Servlets, JSP, HTML, CSS, XHTML, XML, and XSL.

Database access technologies

ADO.NET, Python-DBAPI, Castle ActiveRecord, SQLAlchemy, Hibernate/NHibernate and JDBC.

General software development

High skills of analysis, design and development of object oriented and structured systems.

Experience in project management and planning.

Profound knowledge of analysis and design of relational and object-relational databases.


OpenOffice.org and Microsoft Office.


Mother tongue


Other languages
ListeningReadingSpoken interactionSpoken production
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B2Independent userB1Independent userA1Basic user----

Work experience

2009 - Now

Department of Communications and Information Engineering
University of Murcia
Research fellowship in cluster management systems, network management/configuration and telematics services.

2008 - 2009

Xepient Solutions, S. L.
Linux system administration, web servers (Apache, IIS) and database servers (MySQL, SQL Server). Management, development and deploy of web applications based in ASP.NET and MVC with Castle MonoRail. DotNetNuke module develpment and site building.

2006 - 2008

Freelance Information Technology Professional
Linux system administration and development of web applications.

Administration of web servers (Apache, Cherokee), mail servers (Postfix), database servers (MySQL, PostgreSQL), firewalls (IPTables), DNS servers (Bind) and internet domain management.
Web applications development with .NET and J2EE.

Main customers:
Xepient Solutions, S. L.
Xininen, S. L.

1999 - 2006

Linux system administration
Administration of worksations, web servers (Apache), mail servers (Qmail/Postfix) and database servers (PostgreSQL).

2004 - 2005

Nota Academy
Practice teacher.
Support course for university subjects: Introduction to C# Programming and Operating Systems.

Institutional web page
Mono Contributor